MrThattesBrain2PublicBrains Quantum Communication BroadcasterWefJan1965

http://www.thatte.net   http://thattesquantumbrainaninfobroadcaster.blogspot.in. Email arthatte@gmail.com 
Mr Thattes Identity proof

I Mr Ramesh P Thatte am a multi desciplines Year 1968 M Tech IITB Electrical Engineer .   

MrThattesBrain2PublicBrainsQuantumCommunicationBroadcaster has naturally developedWefJan1965

Technical Paper Available About Brains Special Powers

  First Paper-  Late Dr Annie Besant based upon her psychic powers published a paper in year 1895 "Every proton/neutron                          

            is composed of 18 parts" http://www.thatte.net/ABesantDirectObservationOfAtomsThroughClairvoyance.pdf                               

          TheoraticalPhysicsScientist in 1965 approved "Every proton/neutron is composed of six parts & named as Quark"
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/quark    http://www.thatte.net/QuarkOrKwark.pdf

 Second Paper -- MrThattesBrain2PublicBrains Quantum Communication BroadcasterWefJan1965

      Quantum Communication is Instantaneus but practically Ten Thousand Times faster than light

     http://www.thatte.net is Mr Thattes web site effective from August 15 year2000.upto today.

         Above website deals with MrThattesBrain2PublicBrainsQuantumCommunicationBroadcaster has naturally developedWefJan1965              

    MR Thatte have started explaining above phenomena while studying For M Tech  Elect at IIT Bombay wef 01August 1965.

    Mr Thatte was known as man with Transparent Personality ie NOT able to hide his personal matters,No corruption etc.

  Third Paper-- Mr Duane TD an Ophthalmologist have conducted test to verify Brain2Brains communication  among                                               

  identical twins & published paper in 1965.This is a case of Quantum  Communication among humans.

  http://deanradin.com/evidence/Duane1965.pdf  Indian Neurologists did NOT republished this paper in India.

  Fourth Paper-   VEP based BrainToBrains communication ability tests were carried wef 1978--88 by medical persons-

        -J.GrinbergZylberbaum1,M. Delaflor1 & Attie1.They alongwith A. Goswami(PhD in Physics) published 

         Pioneering paper in 1994 "Evidence for Quantum Brain Fluctuations". 

           http://www.deanradin.com/FOC2014/Grinberg1994.pdf    http://w2.eff.org/Net_culture/Consciousness/the_quantum_brain.article

          This is a approval of Medical & QuantumPhysicists Professionals for BrainToBrains information transfer.

 General Paper---Distant Healing capacity is also BrainToBrains communication or healing effect

  Brain2BrainsQuantumCommunication without device &without On/Off facility can be treated as Sixth Sense.                

Sixth Sense term is widely known among a large number of people

Simple logic demands a combination of Sixth Sense Transmitters And Receivers.

 www.neuroquantology.com Interdisciplinary journal(year2002)of Neurosciences and Quantum Physics.
NeuroQuantology ie NeuroScience blended with QuantumPhysics Approach to Brain2Brains communication
is required for answers to questions which NeuroScience alone could not answer

Thattes Biodata in Short

Present Address- Snehsadan Near HIL COLONY BUS STOP Dand phata to Mohopada Road RASAYANI AREA

Po-Mohopada Tal-Khalapur Dist-Raigad.Maharashtra.INDIA.Pin-410222

MR.Ramesh Pandurang Thatte(Date of birth-1615 Hrs,29 th June 1942 at BiwaleeChiplunRatnagiri India) 

B E Elect-Pune-Nov1964/M.TechElect1968(IITB1965-1967) Sec-B IE(I)(Mech-Chem-Industrial)                    

MrThattesBrain2PublicBrainsQuantumCommunicationBroadcaster has naturally developedWefJan1965.                                                                                                      

Mr Thatte was staying in Jogalekars House at NorthEast Corner of Nagnath Paar,sadashiv Peth Pune411030                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Brain2Brains Quantum Communication Can Be Experienced Only AND Can Not Be Recorded by Devices

Brain2BrainsQuantumCommunication without device &without On/Off facility can be treated as Sixth Sense.                

Mr Thatte is a person with transparent personality ie Body Function w/o On/Off Facility ie NoSecracy NoGovtJob.

Mr Thatte served as Assistant Lecturer at College Of Engineering Pune wef Jan1965 to30thJune1965.

Mr Thatte studied at IITBombay M Tech Elect wef 01 August 1965 to 30 Sept 1967. I was one of the Most NAKED &Known person

(PG Hostel GS for year 1966-67)at IITB Campus due to MrThattesBrain2PublicBrainsCommunication).MrThatte being a student was free to      

discuss/claim about it. A Steal Helmet Shield Or cover for Thattes head was NOT able to Stop Communication.                                                                                                     

The classic EMF physics approach was not accepting my communication.

Ex IAF Pilot Officer(Tech Sigs-11230-03Oct1967-17Nov1971) at Bangalore Jammu New Delhi Baroda Thane Juhu Airodrome

Ex HOCL Employee ElectMechChem in Plants & Projects wef year1972 toDecember1981) Friends in HOCL  strongly supported

Mr Thattes Brain2PublicBrains & helped for Publishing in Navashakti Nov1978 & Marmik April 1979.                                                                                                                                  



Medical Diagnostic Devices Capability is INADEQUATE to RETRIEVE &

Verify Information received thr five Organs and stored inside Human Brains.


 IMPORTANT-    Identification of sub atomic particles for Brain2Brains Quantum communication

                                 May be A Major step towards “MachineToHumanBrainsCommunication”

         Brain2Brains Quantum Communication Can Be Experienced Only AND Can Not Be Recorded by Devices

                  Mr Thatte's Brain2PublicBrains QuantCommunication APPROVAL is based upon every Individual's

               OWN Brain's Experience only ie Hack Free Communication.

            Turn Down Indian Neurologists for -VE attitudes ABOUT Brain2brain Quantum Communications    
              NARCO Tests Of both of them  may revealed the truth 

             BE Aware of Indian Neurologist & RSS Brahmins(HybridOfWolfFox competant To harm only brahmin)

         Indian Physics Maths Communication Engineers Zoologists must stand for BrainToBrains communication.  

              www.thatte.net elaborates in detail about above mentioned tests etc. It is related to Mr Thattes Brain' 



 1.0-Mr Thatte's Brain(Wef January 1965)Functions as Biological TELEPORTER QuantumBroadcaster feeding INFORMATION into
Human Brains via "ThattesBrainEntanglementWithOtherHumanBrainsBE(Elect) MTech(Elect) IITB68 1965-67 Batch

1.1-Schematic Presentation of the Phenomena --Mr Thatte's Brain as InformationTeleporter is a Body function like Brain 
Activities,Respiration,Blood Circulation,Secretions,Digestion & are continuous for Lifelong ie without ON/OFF facility.
Mr Thatte gets always noticed,can’t hide' among surrounding persons.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_entanglement  QuantumEntanglement Physics Theory
www.neuroquantology.com   Interdisciplinary journal of Neurosciences and Quantum Physics
http://w2.eff.org/Net_culture/Consciousness/the_quantum_brain.article       This paper fully included in this web paper.
 These is a joint papers by three Neurophysicians & one Quantum Physicist 
for approval of Brain2brains quantum communication in year 1994.

NB—i)-Quantum Communication Can Not TRACK  Information in Transit 

     ii)-Medical methods Can Not verify information stored in human Brains.        
       iii)- USA Neurologists Electrophysiology Tests from 1965-1988 approves brain’scommunication capacity only. 
        iv)This means only practical Methods are the Solution

NB---HumanToHumans communications via Sound, Light & Quantum Entanglement   
          is natural ie without any devices  
Isaac Newton have adopted "Combined practical experimental theoratical approach for light, sound,
Sun&Planet system & gravity"investigation.People of those days were familiar with above natural phenomenas.                                                                                                         

    Honourable Sir Issac Newton(BY1642) would have very easily
approved Mr ThattesBrain's(BY1942) Communication Broadcasting phenomena

based upon following simple practical methods of verifications.

|<-Thatte's Brain Internals->->-I-<Open to public,PhysicsMathsEngineersZoology->|
|<-Personal/Body Function>->-I-<-MLA MPS,IPS,Press Investigative Journalism->->-| 
I Public query NOT Allowed ->-I-<--Pleaders,PME Writers,NeuroQuantalogists->->--I
-Seen thr eyes->->->-[--City A--]->->->Information Goes Thr Air->->->->->-[---City B---]
-------Light->-----[Thattes Brain--]->->->Seen Heard by Mr Thatte->->->-->--[-Brains of]
-Heard thr ear-[OR Man Made-]->->->->-Talked Thought by Thatte->->->-[-People as]
-- ---Sound---->-[-Broadcaster--]->Thatte'sBrainToBrainsEntanglement->-[MailBoxes]    

  The Mail boxes inside human brains get opened(Due to trigger pulses OR Entanglement from Thattes Brain)when 
Mr Thatte is within five mtrs distance. "SIMILAR TO" 
“The e-mails are stored in e-mail boxes of ISPs and are displayed on computer screen thr the use of ID and password

   A.--Mr Thatte's PRESENCE (Like KASTURI MRUG) is thus felt among surrounding PEOPLE at ALL places everywhere in world  

This is  1 St SIMPLE Practical Approval TEST

  A Man Made Teleporter Device can feed information into IntactHumanBrains whos Eyes&Ears are totally damaged
The Information Broadcasting is Instantaneous ie much faster than light speed & without Energy Loss ie Dissipation less

B.-The quantum broadcasting from Mr Thattes Brain thr air/space into brains of people is NOT thr Ears & has got 
No barriers of language at all OR
It is a"Common Universal Language of Human Beings" similar to that of Animals

Mr Thatte talks in "say Marathi language" with ten year old childrens about simple topics understood by them. 

The simple topics fed via BrainToBrains can be understood even by persons knowing ONLY English & other languages                                            
This is Mr Thattes Experience in India&foreign countries.
This is 2nd  Simple Approval Test
 of BrainToBrains Quantum Communication ie Broadcasting

This paper published on 6th Jan2017 deals with 'Brain Decoding across Languages".

C...  Communication Range in km ASSESMENT

-"Information"(Mr Thatte's Talks Thoughts Actions During previous weeks) transmitted by Mr Thattes Brain at Place say A Mumbai
-"Information" is retained in the memory part of brains of human beings at Place B say Pune Bangalore Mathura ie 750 kms apart.
 -"Mr Thatte goes to place B and gets public verbal response thr comments/talks on "what Mr Thatte did at  place A say Mumbai".
 -"The distance between"Sending And Receiving ends" say A to B fixes the range."

Mr Thattes Communication Range DO NOT EXISTS From Bombay to USA(Jan-Feb1982)Shanghai Peking Hongshau(Sept2009)

Bangkok(Nov-Dec2015).Mr Thatte got Responded/Noted in China USA Bangkok but without reference to events in India


Mr Thatte’s  Identity at the entry area of Great Wall of China during Sept 2009.


These methods are based upon peoples participation into verification methodsExperiments

 1.0.0--Neurophysiology& Electrophysiology & fMRI BOLD Tests Methods of approval

        BE AWARE & AVOID Indian Medicos/Physicians   

1.0.1--DuaneTD an Ophthalmologist have conducted(NIH USA Funded) Clinical Trials in1965.

   This is first technical paper about Brain2Brain communication between Identical Twins                                                                                                                

Electromagnetic induction among Identical twins

http://j-node.homeip.net/wfb/research%20archive/psi/duane_science_1965.pdf   OR          




DuaneTD an Ophthalmologist have conducted(NIH USA Funded) Clinical Trials in1965.AlphaWavesRecordingsOf EyeBlinkStimulatedPerson A&

NON StimulatedPersons B located in separate Rooms)was carried for verifying "Extrasensory ElectroEncephaloGraphic

Induction between Identical Twins.Dr Duane TD team have verified 'The illness or Trauma in one of a pair of identical twins affects

the other,even though the twins are far apart and each is unaware of the situation

 Mr Thattes approach to Neuro Physicians from 1972 to 2010 is proved USELESS for knowing anything about these clinical trials.

The electrophysical tests indicates capability of Person A to Effect  Voltage Change in the brain of person B                                                                     

Any Human Science phenomena naturally developed in nature must be investigated with "Honest Intelligent Practical & fact finding"

attitude.USA NeuroScientists have adopted ElectrophysiologyTest approach for IdentificationVerificationApproval & have NOT adopted

purely theoretical approach

Majority of the papers are related to USA NeuroScientists These papers were not published in Indian newspapers in English regional                                                                                 

languages.Medical Professional's opinions based upon ONLY their own "Brain Experiences"are allowed & are most welcome                                                                            

This has caused 45 Years Backlog for APPROVAL of Brain Phenomena

   Medical Diagnostic Devices Capability is INADEQUATE to RETRIEVE & Verify Information  received

thr five Organs & OR thr Skull and stored inside Human Brain)Medical syllabus at MBBS MD MS courses does

NOT include anything about Brain to brains communication theory.

     Medical Professional's opinions based upon ONLY their own "Brain Experiences"are allowed & are most welcome

Indian medical professional's financial interests might be "Affecting Acceptance of USA Neurologists methods"

related to approval of Brain2Brains Quantum Communication Broadcasting.Mr Thatte have quoted/added "several relevant research

 papers"in this web page.Internet and search engines was the only source  available from 2000 onwards.

Majority of the papers are related to USA NeuroScientists These papers were not published in Indian newspapers in English regional languages.


1.1.1     -Theory PLUS Practical Experimental Experience Based Approach—

 1.1.2              Isaac Newton have adopted "Combined practical experimental theoratical approach for light, sound,
    Sun&Planet system & gravity"investigation.People of those days were familiar with above natural phenomenas


            Engineers'Theory blended with practical production"attitude is most essential for tackling natural
phenomenas like brain2brain quantum communication/broadcasting.Engineers & Physics Professional approach 
must begin with practical experience.EM Waves approach by classical physics professional has always failed
for tackling brain2brains issues.EPR Paradox(1935) is an approcah for particle based communication method.
Classical physics professionals would have got a hint of new approach for brain2brains communication phenomena

                         Mr Thatte have adopted right from beginning ie januaary 1965 onwards a practical attitude about his

               brain as an Transmitter/Teleporter of information.Public response expressed in words at public places to  
 "Past Events about Mr Thatte” like work,eating,talking,reading,hearing etc even while in home"was taken as
acceptance test.Mr Thattes Engineer,Science friends in Pune COEP & IIT Bombay have accepted his claim based
upon their own brain experiences.They were any how NOT able to explain with EM waves Basis.I was one of the
MOST known person in IIT Bombay during my stay from Aug 1965-to Sept 1967.My communicating brain have made 
my thinking & views as least manipulated.I have avoided publicity of my brain phenomena to ensure job chances  


                       I have got selected in IAF as Pilot Officer Tech Sigs in March 1967,joined IAF 41 st DEO (Tech Sigs 11230)
course on 3d October and passed out from AFTC Bangalore on 2nd March 1969 as medically fit officer.This shows my
medical fitness.This was possible due to myNOT mentioning anything about my brain phenomena to IAF authorities. 
I have served at Jammu,New Delhi,Baroda,Thane & Juhu Aerodrome.I have got discharged from IAF on 17 th Nov 1971 
anyhow but NOT on Desciplinay grounds


1.1.2-March 1972 Assembly Election Dombiwali--Mr Thatte demonstrated his ability of "Broadcasting/
Communicating to the Masses "in NON Political ways thus avoiding bitterness.Late Mr Pramod Navalkar 
SS MLA identified Mr Thatte in vidhan sabha canteen thr his comment upon me to his friend.Mr Thatte 
immediately introduced himself to Mr Navalkar For survival against cadre based all india party,
support of upcoming cadre based Shiv Sena ( NOT Congress Elephant ) was valuable


1.1.3-Quantum Entanglement Physics Approach  --From 1901 onward a new Quantum Mechanics+Entanglement 
approach was proposed by physicists Neil Bohr,Scrodinger,Einstein,Podolsky, Rosen,Bell J,Allain Aspect etc.In 1935,
three physicists  criticized quantum mechanics and that critique is known as the Einstein-Podolosky-Rosen 
(EPR) paradox.Bell prepared the theoretical groundwork for experimental tests of EPR Nonlocality in 1965.
Aspect et al experimentally verified,during1982,that a nonlocal correlation between objects indeed occurs 
once these objects have interacted.Over the next thirty or so years,a great number of Bell test experiments
have now been conducted.This have provided theoretical base for Brain2Brains communication,DistantHealing etc.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_entanglement  Quantum Entanglement Physics Theory
M Sc Physics, M Sc Maths &Engineering Graduates can read this link & is enough to understand
the theory of Quantum Broadcaster

1.2.1 The Phenomena was publisshed by Late Mr Purushottam R Behere in Navashakti Nov 1978
1.2.2 The Phenomena was published by Late Mr Promod Navalkar ShivSena MLA in Marmik April 1979.

1.2.3  The Phenomena was published by Mr Ramesh P Thatte in Rasayani Times 20 th March 2016   

1.2.4 --Late Mr T A Swaminathan B Tech(Chemical),Ex CMD of HOCL during 1975-77, had strongly supported my 
phenomena & wished to refer for CISR Research

 1.2.5   Approval Certificates—Mr G G Raje M Tech,Late Mr S B Anchawale B E,Mr Rajesh Shende B Tech,Mr I A Patel,

Late Mr J G Patel(all Hocl Employees)had given me total five Nos”Signed Approval Certificates” for my 
brain phenomena during years1980-81.

   Approval   http://www.thatte.net/AAThattesBrainPhenomenaApprovalFormat.pdf 


 e1. http://www.thatte.net/ACThattesBrainPhenomenaApproval001ByMrGirishGRaje.jpg

e2.  http://www.thatte.net/ACThattesBrainPhenomenaApproval002ByLateMrSudhakarBAnchawale.jpg

e3. http://www.thatte.net/ACThattesBrainPhenomenaApproval003ByMrRajendraShende.jpg

e4. http://www.thatte.net/ACThattesBrainPhenoimenaApproval004ByMrIshwarlalAPatel.jpg

e5. http://www.thatte.net/ACThattesBrainPhenomenaApproval005ByLateMrJiteshGPatel.jpg 

    Mr Ware Sir Principal JuniorCollege ArtScience Janata Vidyalay Mohopada Rasayani Raigad 410222.

  Mr Mahindrakar IT Engineer MSCIT Classes Rasayani Area  Raigad 410222.

  Mr Bagade Umesh Medicine Shop Navi Posari Rasayani Raigad 410222.

Above Approvar persons about ThattesBrain2PublicBrains Communication based upon their own brain experience.

   1.3.0 Grinberg-Zylberbaum et el have conducted Clinical Trials during 1978-88 thr FaradeyChamber&VEP 
Recordings of a stimulated personA & Induced/Transferred Potentials of a NON stimulated person B 
for verifying B2B Neural Information Transfer.The VEP facility is being used for stimulating Mr 
Thatte'sBrain & for Recording developed voltages in NON Stimulated person's BRAIN within five ft
 distance.Classical Physics approval based upon ElectroMagnetic waves theory was Impossible

J.GrinbergZylberbaum1,M.Delaflor1, L.Attie1(All three Medical Professionls),A.Goswami(PhD in Physics)
published  Pioneering paper in 1994 "Evidence for Quantum BrainFluctuations.
This is a approval of Medical & QuantumPhysicists Professionals for BrainToBrains information transfer.
Physicists and Technologists have started viewing Paranormal/Parapsychology phenomenas
as Quantum communications phenomenas

The Approval Tests for ascertaining "Induced/Developed voltage in human brain" are conducted by using VEP facility.                                     

Neuscientists,Biomedical Engineers,Electronics Engineers can certify the above tests.

http://w2.eff.org/Net_culture/Consciousness/the_quantum_brain.article       OR




http://www.amitgoswami.org           http://www.thatte.net/AAAmitGoswamisViews.docx         Dr Amit GodwamisViews

 1.3.1. Physics & Engineering Maths Professionals Approval of the Phenomena

 Mr ThattesBrainPhenomena is an Bren2Brains Quantum Brodcaster of Information from Mr Thattes Brain into Brains of large Nos of people
It a case of Quantum Entanglement between Mr Thatte'sBrainWithPublicBrains ie No waves,No particle flow,No verification thr space.

The Information Broadcasting from Mr Thattes Brain thr air/space into brains of people is NOT thr Ears & has got No barriers of language at all.

The Information Broadcasting is Instantaneous ie above 10000 times of light speed & without Energy Loss ie Dissipation less.

There can not be an Quantum Physics Approval Test  Method based upon a Recording Device.

NeuroElectrophysiology  Brain2BrainsVEP Test & fMRI BOLD Tests Methods of approval,Brain Mapping 

The Classical & Quantum Physics Professionals Engineers & other educated persons can certify it based upon their own brain experiences while within 

five metre radius circle around Mr Thatte.Physics Maths Engineering Professionals opinions carry a good weightage among public.

 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_entanglement  Quantum Entanglement Physics Theory 

M Sc Physics, M Sc Maths &Engineering Graduates can read this link & is enough to understand the theory of Quantum Broadcaster


 Following link shows the progress about machine2machine communication progress.




This file explains different methods of verification 

1.3.2  NeuroQuantology ieNeuroQuantology ie NeuroScience blended with QuantumPhysics Approach to Consciousness

is required for answers to questions which NeuroScience alone could not answer

http://www.neuroquantology.com  An Interdesciplinary Journal of Neuroscience and Quantum Physics.

Editor in Chief & Founder-Sultan Tarlaci MD Neuro Italy ,Editorial Board-Fifty Members from different countries No One from India.

Registered Users-1709 and Registered Readers-1466.Free Publications-All older than Two Years

Other ie New Publications on payment basis for meeting the expenses"



1.3.3    http://www.thatte.net/AAThattesBrainPhenomenaApprovalFormat.pdf 


For Guidelines:-Public Participation-Honest Intelligent Practical “attitude is a MUST & 
Approval of the phenomena must be based only upon their own brain experience.
Engineers Maths Physics Grduates Political Leaders with practcal attitude,Pleaders,IAS IPS,
CID & Police Persons Investigative Journalists,Students are most welcome


1.3.4 .1 - http://www.thatte.net/AAThattesBrainPhenomenaApprovalTest01dt20July2013.jpg


                   VEP Based at Fortis Hospital Banerghatta BangaloreMost Important for Approval --http://www.thatte.net/AAThattesBrainPhenomenaApprovalTest02dt09Aug2013.jpg

.             VEP Based At Brain Point Centre Dr Pawan Ojhas ClinicVashi-17 Most Important for Approval      

 1.4.1- BastyrUni and NIH USA have conducted ClinicalTrials during 2004-06 with '

'LightStimulated Person A 20' feet away AND non stimulated Person B inside fMRI for BOLD test"

for verifying A2B Neural Information Transfer.We will record fMRIs (occipital, temporal, frontal and parietal)

1.4.2- The fMRI facility with all functions is available only at one or two hospitals/diognostic centres in Mumbai Pune Bangaluru

that too without "light stimulation checker board facility".This is delaying Approval Test based upon fMRI&BOLD method.

  1.5.1- The above mentioned clinical trials conducted by i) Duane T D ii) Grinberg-Zylberbaum et el 
iii)"BastyrUni and NIH USA" Aprove NON Existance of Radiation EMwaves.
Quantum Physics approach is accepted for BrainToBrains Communication

1.5.2  - Mr Thattes Brain's Entanglement with Large Nos of Human Brains is a Must for Communication from Thattes Brain                                               
to other brains.Any means of breaking these Entanglements is Must for giving Relief to Mr Thatte
Neuroscientists can not alter a brain BUT Teleportation/Quantum Physicists may develope a QuantumCommunicator
for feeding information into Human Brains

1.5.3-Identification of "sub atomic particles"related with BiologicalTeleportation And/Or with
    "MrThattesBrainEntanglementWithOtherHumanBrains is MOST important for development of Non Biologocal Teleporter.
    The investicaion of Mr ThattesBrainPhenomena by Neurobiologists & QuantumPhysicists might be useful in this respect


1.6.1-The Orthodox Attitude of "Indian Medical Professionals ,RSS BrahminsGroup,"(Narco Tests can Expose them) towards
 "Mr Thattes Brain Phenomena"was answered with the backing of Engineers,known&unknown friendly persons & Political Friends
 of Mr Thatte while in IITB(1965-67),HOCL & Rasayani(1972 onwards).


  BE AWARE & AVOID Medicos/Physicians .MedicalDiagnosticDevicesCapability is INADEQUATE to RETRIEVE/Verify Information received
 (thr five organs & OR thr Skull)and stored inside Human Brain.Medical Professional's opinions based upon ONLY their"
 own bain experiences"are most welcome


2.0-  Teleportation Research:-- Mr Thattes Brain is an Biological Teleporter of Information

2.1-  Identification of sub atomic particle for Brain2Brains Quantum communication ie broadcasting--
Late Dr Annie Besant based upon her psychic powers published a paper in year 1895 "Every proton/neutron is composed of 18 parts" 
TheoraticalPhysicsScientist in 1965 approved "Every proton/neutron is composed of six parts & named as Quark"

This may lead to a possibility of Quark composed of Three equal parts



2.2 - The Spontaneous Teleportation of Biological Systems --
Mr Thatte's Brain must have developed "Information Teleportation Capacity" spontaneously by 01 January 1965 due to unknown reasons.

Peoples used to comment--"Ghosts occupying Pimple Tree near Nagnath Paar Sadashiv Peth Pune 411030 India must be haunting him.

At this place a person named Nagnaath had been punished to death thr Elephant for political treachary during Peshava Rule days around year 1775.


2.3- QED-Cavity model of Microtubules implies Dissipationless Energy Transfer and Biological Quantum Teleportation

by Nick E.Mavromatos Theoratical Physicists

http://www.thatte.net/BT2002QEDCavityModelOfMicrotubulesImpliesBQT.pdf  http://arxiv.org/pdf/quant-ph/0204021.pdf

2.4-Montagnier Nobel Scientist-DNA's New Property and the induction of Electromagnetic waves in water dilutions







3..Verification Of Mr Thattes Brain as Quantum Communicator/Broadcaster Phenomena.

NB1-Honest,intelligent,practical EnggAndPhysicsGraduates are most needed/welcome for this purpose
NB2-An honest,intelligent & practical attitude is necessary to understand/interpret my phenomena.Any new phenomena naturally developed in nature
MUST be verified to fullest extent for its trueness.AND not to be discarded thr bookish attitudes of cheap scientists

NB3-Avoid Medicos/Physicians Unable to retrive human brain Memory data

NB4-Avoid BrahminBania castes RSSBJP indoctrined/brainwashed persons.They are similar to AESOP'S Fox & Wolf Hybrid.
Avoid SSP/PSP/leftist indoctrined/brainwashed persons.They are similar to AESOP's Donkeys/Ass.

Narco test on fox in the presence of Ass/Donkey is most useful.                                             

NB5-Simple logic demandsexistance of Sixth Sense Transmitter for claims of Sixth Sense Reception ie combination like"sound and hearing",
"light and seeing" ."Extra/Sixth sense"is integral capacity of all human brains.Public as well as science community can approve Extra/Sixth sense,
ONLY after verification of information at Sending And Receiving Ends thr public statements/comments/brain memory mapping technique

NB5-Media& Press Editors LACKS Engineering/Technological attitude/reasoning.They are most likely to face difficulty in understanding of this phenomena.


3.1 Verification of Phenomena-Three Different Methods

3.A.1.Neurology Method Based VEP Methods

  Brain2BrainsQuantumCommunication Capability Approval is based upon VEP Method

The detail procedure is mentioned in a carried on August at Vashi New Mumbai.


    VEP Based At Brain Point Centre Dr Pawan Ojhas ClinicVashi-17 Most Important for Approval    


3A2--This fMRI BOLD Scan is to be carried as per specific guidence and in the presence of a Radiologist.


Subjects were electrically and magnetically shielded because of the characteristic surroundings of the scanner room.

During the experiment, the nonstimulated subject was placed in the scanner with sensory isolating goggles covering the subject's eyes.                                                                   

The stimulated subject was placed 30 feet away and sat in front of a video monitor that presented an alternating schedule of
six stimulus-on/stimulus-off conditions.

The stimulus- on condition consisted of a flickering checkerboard pattern whereas the stimulus-off condition consisted of a static checkerboard.

Stimulus-on/-off conditions were presented in the sequence on/off/on/off/on/off.

The duration of these intervals was randomly assigned but consistently provided a total of 150 seconds of flicker and 150 seconds of static.                                               
 Sessions were repeated twice to assess possible replication of the phenomenon.

OUTCOME Measures:-
Changes in fMRI brain activation (relating to blood oxygenation) are to be measured in the nonstimulated subjects. Changes occurring
during stimulus-on conditions are to be statistically compared to changes occurring during the stimulus-off conditions.

Mr Thatte will follow above procedure for Trials by FMRI facility
Radiologist specialised in FMRI technique is a must


3.A3--NEUROLOGOY METHOD --Brain Mapping

Lawrence A Farwell's (Ph D) Brain Fingerprinting/Brain Memory Mapping P300 and MERMER
to Detect SixthSense/ESR Information transmitted out from Mr Thatte's Brain and
received/stored inside Human Brains

Weblinks http://www.brainwavescience.com/HomePage.php

The"Brain Memory Mapping"test is to be performed on the brains of any human being
for verifying 6 th sense information stored inside their brains but received from
Mr Thattes Brain ie 6 th sense Information Transmitter.I will explain the procedure
for a simple caseas below

Now Mr Thatte goes to the canteen & eats item A or B or C or D or E etc.
Mr Thatte comes to Brain Memory Mapping Lab where Mr XYZ is already confined.
Merely silent presence of Mr Thatte will activate the memories of Mr XYZ.
The BMM test on Mr XYZ's brain that too related to "Item eaten By
 Mr Thatte " is expected to be positive

3.A.4--Neuroligy Method Verify by ENT specialist test.-

Deaf & dumb persons responses to Mr Thattes Brain Transmission .

Mr Thatte talks with 3-4 persons on simple topic understood by deaf person.Deaf person sits 4-5 feet away but separed by cloth curtain

& unable to see lip movements of these 3-4 persons.
The deaf persons response by writing or lip movements to talk is a proof of this phenomena.
This information transfer is from Mr Thattes brain into the skull of DEAF person


3.B--.Physics & Engineering Maths Professionals Approval of the Phenomena

 Mr ThattesBrainPhenomena is a Biological Teleportation of Information.
The Information Teleportation from Mr Thattes Brain thr air/space into brains of people is NOT thr Ears
& has got No barriers of language at all.The InformationTeleportation is Instantaneous ie much faster than
 light speed & without Energy Loss ie Dissipation less.

There can not be a Approval Test  Method based upon a Recording Device EXCEPT Brain

Fingerprinting/Brain Memory Mapping P300 and MERMER is suitable to Detect Information
Teleported out from Mr Thatte's Brain and received/stored inside Human Brains.
The Classical & Quantum Physics Professionals Engineers & other educated persons can
certify it based upon their own brain experiences while within five metre radius circle
around Mr Thatte.Physics Maths Engineering Professionals opinions carry a good weightage among public.


This file explains different methods of verification



3.C--Public or Common Man's Experience


This file explains different methods of verification

Following are few methods suggested 

3.C.1 Method for Verification of Communication RANGE IN KMS ---
Information(Thatte's talks thoughts and actions on certain TOPICS during previous few days,weeks and months)transmitted at place say A Mumbai by 
Mr Thatte's brain is retained in the memory part of brains of human beings at Place B say Pune/Bangalore/Mathura[Even upto 750 kms Away ]

.Mr Thatte goes to place B and get public verbal response thr comments/talks on what Mr Thatte did at place A say mumbai.
The distance between "Sending And Receiving ends" say A to B fixes the range of communication.

Mr Thattes communication Range From Bombay to Shanghai/USA/Bankok Do NOT Exists.

Mr Thatte got responded/noted in China/USA/bankok but without reference to events in India.
-Mr Thattes Silent Communication for few hours and days in offices, work places, libraries etc.

Initially a person's brain will not be able to distinguish between
a)Information Transmitted out of Mr Thatte's brain 
b)Thoughts coming to that person's mind through his own thinking.
The same person will be able to distinguish between these two, provided Mr.Thatte's brain can try to transmit totally wrong information about a person 
like age,height,weight, qualifications.

Mr.Thatte can try to convince Mr "XYZ"about the phenomenon as shown below.
Mr Thatte and Mr XYZ are sitting in a library facing each other.

Mr Thatte keeps thinking continuously several times following sentences-
a].Mr XYZ at present is in mental asylum.
b].Mr XYZ is 120 years old fellow.
c].Mr XYZ died 3 years ago. 
d].Mr XYZ is travelling in NASA's Space shuttle.
e]Mr XYZ is swimming in arabian sea. 
f]Mr XYZ is playing football.
g].Mr XYZ is addressing a public meeting. 
Mr XYZ just can not think as above about himself.
In case Mr XYZ feels about himself as above then it is because the information transmitted out from

Mr Thattes brain have got forced into brain of XYZ.
3.C.3 Mr Thattes Silent Presence noted/commented by surrounding crowd ---

Verifying Team ACCOMPANIES. Mr.Thatte at crowded places like roads,buses and bus stops,railway compartments and railway stations,big shops,theatres,melas,

hotels,public offices etc.in cities like Pune,Mumbai,Nasik,Vashi,Thane,Kalyan and to WATCH THE the public response,talks,comments on Mr.Thatte.

This is similar to memory(Information transmitted out by Mr.Thatte's brain and stored in the memory of people's brains during previous two three days weeks months ) call back action by people's brains initiated/triggered through Mr.Thatte's brain transmission

This method also APPROVE the RANGE of Information transmission from Mr Thattes Brain.Mr Thattes presense activates the information from nearby person's brains.


3.C.4  Peoples Comments on Mr Thatte's Acts,Deeds etc in their Absence-

Mr Thatte alone goes out to say Mumbai Panvel Dombiwali Pune etc and meets/visits/talks/discuss etc with some persons

Afterwards Mr Thattes return back to Rasayani & some Rasayani people comment upon Mr Thattes meetings,visits,talks,discussions etc.

Mr Thattes Brain transmission has fed this information already thr space into brains of Rasayani people.


3..C.5  Mr Thattes Talks in Closed Room & Public Comments at crowded roads

A. Mr Thatte have discussed some old days events with Mr XYZ in a closed room.After that both together go for a walk on crowded 
roads/place.People's voluntary comments upon the eventsdiscussed in closed room" is noted by Mr XYZ & he approves the phenomena
B.Mr Thatte visits a person.Then then goes away for doing 10-12 important events in 15 minutes,comes back and visits 
the same person again.The person will be able to identify himself about what Mr Thatte has done during that period.
C.Mr Thatte visits a person.That person automatically come to know events related to Mr Thatteduring preceding few hrs.
Mr Thatte's Brain pulses trigger memory of that person.
3.C.6 Mr Thatte's Broadcasting during Public Election Period

Public speeches and meetings are banned for last 48 hrs.of voting period. But Mr Thatte can do propoganda work thr Communication                                    

 Broadcaster NO legal action is found possible.
3.C.7 Organisations based in Mumbai/Pune area can verify the phenomenon through their reporters, informers,private detectives,social                 

and political leaders,CID,CBI,Central Intelligence Agency,KGB,MOSAD,FIB of USA etc


 4.-NeuroQuantology ie Blended NeuroScience with QuantumPhysics Approach to Consciousness 
The Pioneering Paper Published in1994 is as below

Evidence for Quantum Brain Fluctuations
Sent from:
(Jack Sarfatti)

Subj: EPR Correlations #1 Date: 94-06-11 04:46:53 EDT From: DougieG


by J. Grinberg
Zylberbaum1, M. Delaflor1, L. Attie1, A. Goswami2

Here's an interesting bit of scientific research:
Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Correlations in the Brain-Mind: the Transferred Potential
{Taken from "Science Within Consciousness: Developing a Science Based on the Primacy of Consciousness," by Amit Goswami, PhD. An Institute of Noetic Sciences Research Report. Copyright 1994 by Amit Goswami. Posted with permission, see published report for full bibliographic references and [4] for EEG recordings of evoked and transferred potentials}

In 1935, three physicists, Albert Einstein, Boris Podolsky, and Nathan Rosen criticized quantum mechanics claiming that if it were a complete model of reality, then nonlocal interactions between objects had to exist. [1] Since that was deemed inconsistent with the theory of relativity, quantum mechanics had to be either wrong or at least incomplete. This critique is known as the Einstein-Podolosky-Rosen (EPR) paradox.

Bell [2] prepared the theoretical groundwork for experimental tests of EPR nonlocality and Aspect et al. [3] experimentally verified that a nonlocal correlation between objects indeed occurs once these objects have interacted.

There is now evidence that EPR correlation occurs between human brains. For the rest of this section, we will follow the development given in [4].

The crucial step was to develop a methodology, a protocol, capable of correlating a pair of human subjects (brains). In their first attempt, Grinberg-Zylberbaum et al (1978) recorded the EEG activity of a senior psychotherapist and his patients during therapeutic sessions. Video and sound recordings were also made. A group of experts analyzed the sound and video recordings and quantified the degree of communication through the sessions using a communications scale from a value of 0 (no communication) to 10 (highest intensity of empathic communication). Another group of technicians, without knowledge of this group, analyzed the EEG recordings and calculated both individual interhemispheric correlation and the degree of intersubject (between therapist and patient) EEG correlations. A direct correlation was found between the degree of communications and the coherence of the EEG of the therapist- patient pairs. Also the changes of interhemispheric correlation in each individual brain were found to correspond to the degree of communication.

However, EEG recordings are difficult to make when subjects communicate verbally because of movement. It is well-known that meditation produces increases in interhemispheric correlations in a subject's EEG recordings (Orme-Johnson et al, 1982; Grinberg-Zylberbaum, 1988). In their subsequent experiment, Grinberg- Zylberbaum and Ramos (1987) tried subjects meditating together and looked for both interhemispheric and intersubject correlations of the EEG recordings. In this experiment subjects also pushed a button signalling the moment at which they felt "direct communication." The researchers found that both the individual patterns of interhemispheric correlations and the overall averages of the interhemispheric correlations of the two brains become very similar during shared meditation with direct communication established. Using control experiments, they checked that the similarity of the EEG patterns is not due to fatigue or habituation but really reflected a specific pattern of correlation for each pair. Subsequent experiments demonstrated that this direct communication could be maintained, as shown by the similarity of their EEG traces, even when the subjects were separated.

The possibility of the existence of a nonlocal transference of specific stimuli, such as those that generate evoked potentials (electrophysiological brain responses produced by a sensory stimulus), was first studied by Grinberg-Zylberbaum et al (1978). They observed that an evoked potential in a stimulated subject is "transferred" to another subject once they have interacted to achieve a level of "direct communication." This study was conducted in two Faraday chambers separated by a distance of approximately three meters. Later the experiment was repeated, replicating the former experiment at a larger distance (14.5 meters). In both experiments, the following protocol, suggested by the earlier experiments cited above, was used:

Two subjects meditated side by side inside one of the Faraday chambers for twenty minutes with the objective of reaching direct communication.
A mild signal was then given to the subjects at which time one of them went to the second Faraday cage and took a reclining position with eyes closed while they both continued to maintain direct communication. The subject that stayed behind was now stimulated (generally by 100 light flashes given at random intervals), but the other subject was not stimulated, nor did he have knowledge that a stimulus was being received by the first subject.
EEG recordings were made from the brains of both subjects synchronized with the stimulus given to one of them. The recordings were averaged over the hundred samples and compared using on-line computers. Low frequency filters were used to eliminate low frequency EEG correspondence such as alpha waves.

At both distances, when the stimulated subject showed distinct evoked potentials, the non-stimulated subject showed "transferred potentials" similar to those evoked in the stimulated subject. Control subjects showed no such transferred potentials.

The results indicate that after an interaction between two human beings, in which both feel each other's presence even at a distance, and when one of them is stimulated in such a way that his/her brain responds clearly (with a distinct evoked potential), in roughly 1 in 4 cases the brain of the non-stimulated subject also reacts and shows a transferred potential of a similar shape. Control experiments show that the transferred potentials do not occur when interaction between the subjects does not take place, or when the interaction isn't deemed successful (in establishing direct communication) by the subjects themselves, or when the evoked potential is unclear.

These findings indicate that the human brain is capable of establishing relationships with other brains (when it interacts with them appropriately) and sustaining such correlations even at a distance. The above results cannot be explained as due to sensory communication or electromagnetic signals between subjects (since the subjects were separated during the experiment and located in two semi-silent, electromagnetically isolated chambers distant more than 14 meters from one another in one case) or as due to low frequency EEG correspondence. This point is further borne out by the fact that no distance attenuation of the transference effect was found when the measurements at the two vastly different distances (3 m and 14.5 m) between the subjects are compared. As is well-known, local signals are always attenuated and the absence of attenuation is a sure signature of nonlocality of the observed correlation between brains.

I am convinced that the transferred potential can be interpreted as the effect of quantum nonlocal interaction effect between correlated brains. When one subject is stimulated and observes a light flash, consciousness simultaneously collapses the wave function of the correlated partner in identical states as indicated by the similarity of the distinct evoked potential in the stimulated subject to the transferred potential in his or her non-stimulated partner.

It is also extremely significant that the occurrence of a transferred potential is always associated with the participants' feeling that their interaction has been successfully completed. This indicates that consciousness is involved in the process of correlation. In this respect the transferred potential phenomenon is different from an EPR correlation in which the correlation is established by material local interactions. The EPR correlation is terminated once the wave functions are collapsed. But in the transferred potential experiment the correlation is maintained over many collapses (since the EEG potential readings are averages over many measurements). Thus the idealist interpretation that a nonlocal consciousness collapses the quantum wave function upon measurement also finds validation.

It is interesting also that a transferred potential occurs only in about one in four cases, and usually it is not possible to predict the success of any one particular experiment. This essential acausality, of course, causes controversy adding fuel to the skeptic, but it is in complete accord with the quantum theory where a certain acausality is an essential ingredient of the process.

I would like to discuss the question of message transfer between correlated brains. For correlated objects of conventional quantum mechanics such as photons, a theorem proven by Eberhard effectively rules out any transfer of messages. However, correlated brains, in the present theory, are correlated through consciousness. For such correlation, there is no reason why Eberhard's theorem should apply, and therefore, message transfer may be possible.

Finally, what of all the debunking of the paranormal that realists [5] are so sure they have carried out (an entire journal "The Skeptical Inquirer is devoted to such debunking)? Without question, many of the realist criticisms make valid points; for example, is ESP scientific when it is not strictly reproducible? The point realists miss is that every new science has its own epistemology, and idealist science is no exception. If biologists had to use only the laboratory methodology of pialism is the only reality.

If biologists had to use only the laboratory methodology of physics, there would be no science of biology today. The experimental methodology of idealist science will involve weak objectivity (observer invariance - results should be the same irrespective of who the observer is) rather than strong objectivity (complete independence of results from observers). Furthermore, the mind-set and emotional states of both the observer and the observed would have to be taken into account. And acausality and synchronicity will always be important factors. Also importantly, the experimenters have to be prepared to be transformed as a result of their participation in the experiments. Further details are laid out in the twentieth anniversary (autumn, 1993) issue of "Noetic Sciences Review."

Einstein, A., Podolsky, B., Rosen, N., (1935) "Can Quantum Mechanical Description of Reality be Considered Complete?" *Physical Review*, vol. 47, pp. 777- 780.
Bell, J.S., (1965) "On the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Paradox," *Physics,* vol 1, pp. 195-200.
Aspect, A., Dalibard, J., and Roger, G. (1982), "Experimental Test of Bell Inequalities Using Time-Varying Analyzers." *Physical Review Letters,*, vol. 49. pp. 1804-06.
Grinberg-Zylberbaum, J., Delaflor, M., Attie, L., and Goswami, A. (1993) "The Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Paradox in the Brain: the Transferred Potential." *Physics Essays,* to be published.
Refers to the ontolological assumption that materialism is the only reality.

Sent from: sarfatti@netcom.com (Jack Sarfatti)

Gotswami's description of EPR, as you have stated it is not historically correct. The presence of "non-local" interactions was assumed without comment as a tool in the argument to be presented. The application of conservation of a distributed many body property (eg, total momenetum or total spin angular momentum is zero) was taken for granted as an obvious application of quantum theory. It was used as tool in the argument: (1) If a property of an object can be determined to complete certainty without interacting with it, then that object has "an element of reality" corresponding to that property. (2) In separate measurements on similar/identical "EPR-states", it is possible to determine with certainty the properties associated with incompatible measurements, thus each property has an element of reality. (3) Since quantum theory cannot predict simultaneously the elements of reality (as described above), it is incomplete.

It is really interesting that Einstein apparently felt comfortable enougb with the non-local mechanism of measurement of one particle out of a distributed singlet state that he used it as a tool in the argument above without making a big deal of it.

It is very common to find aspects of current issues related to our discomfort with non-locality attributed to the original EPR paper -- which is incorrect.

(I hope I have not misquoted the above too badly; I have not looked at that paper for many years. But, I had contemplated that work deeply in years past.)

Also note that Bell's theorem was not written to test non-locality. It was written to debunk attempted hidden-variable theories. It showed that the assumption of factorization of a joint probability distribution (eg, for a singlet state) -- which is equivalent to the assumption of statistical independence of the two components of the state (the essence of hidden variable theories: each particle carries its dynamical determinants with it) -- leads to predictions incompatible with quantum theory. This was to debunk a fad of alternatives to quantum theory proposed for no other reason than the intellectual/psychological discomfort of quantum non-locality.


5.   Effect on the Life of Mr Thatte

The brain of Mr. Thatte has become a means of very fast communication with masses.

Mr Thatte is not able to hide his private and confidential from surrounding public even at remote locations due to his transmitting brain.

He can never go into hide out at any place in the world.

Harassment of Mr.Thatte through the surrounding mob is found possible for his enemy groups.

Lack of ON/OFF control on"Information Transmission" from his brain" has rendered it useless for political oratory.

On the contrary Mr.Thatte has to be careful to avoid personal and political enemies.



The scientific investigations about the QuantumBroadscaster phenomenas shall have following gains 

1)The investigation may help deaf to receive information as it is different from sound waves.

2)It may also help developing some means of extracting information from the brains of human beings 

3)The research may possibly help "To Break Entanglement Between Mr Thattes Brain & Other Peoples Brains.

    This may help Mr Thatte to live Normal Life.

4) The advanced research may find Sub Atomic Particles associated with ThattesBrain2Public Brains

Resulting in Machine2Brains quantum communication for Brainwashing purposes.

The passage of information from Mr.Thatte's brain 'through surrounding medium' up to the 
brains of public is a matter of research in Quantum Entanglement Physics


7. Publishers and Supporters and Friends

The following personalities have published/supported the above phenomena

Late Mr P R Behere editor of Marathi Daily "Navshakti" has published about this sixth 
sense phenomenon in his sunday edition of November 1978, under heading "LOLAK".

Late Mr.Pramod Navalkar,MLC Mumbai a writer of "Marmik" weekly has published about this sixth 
sense phenomenon in the edition dated 1st April 1979, under the heading " Vichar Lahari".


 i) Mr T.A.Swaminathan ex CMD HOCL(1975-77 )Son of Chief Election Commissioner and Son in Law of Reserve Bank Governor

ii) Mr G G Raje M Tech,Late Mr S B Anchawale B E,Mr Rajesh Shende B Tech,Mr I A Patel,Late Mr J G Patel all 
Hocl employees had given me Signed Approval Certificates for my brain phenomena during years1979-81.

iii) Mrs Rucha Amit Thatte & her brothers sisters.Bangalore

MR Thatte pays tributes to HIS WELL WISHERS AND FRIENDS

Mr Thattes College Days Friends in Pune & IITB

i) Dr V D Nene, Ph D {Elect} From IITB In 1968, At present in USA 
Late Mr chandrakant P Kulkarni (BE-1964) M Tech (IITB-66)
Mr Vijay Narayan Thatte BE ME Ex vice Principal womans Engg College Karvenagar Pune
Dr Sunil Mukund Thatte(Among 10 nos at SSCE1973 & Medical entrance exam1975) MD(Chest) Jalgaon 
Dr Suresh D Bhagwat Ph D [Elect}Ex VJTI Professor
Mr Vasudev Sidhaye,Mr Suryakant khambekar,Mr Suresh Landge from Pune

ii].-Late Dr Lederley 0f Snehsadan 250 Shaniwar Peth Pune 411030 and 
Dr Dullery of Snehsadan Pune staying at present in France

Mr Thattes HOCL & Rasayani Well wishers & Friends

i]Mr Y R Karandikar Ex Head(Production&Engg) HOCL, Mr Y H Gharpure Ex Project Dept Head HOCL and Ex CMD HAL Pimpri
MrB.P.Peshattiwar Gen.Secretary HOCL Employees Union Panvel City 410206.MB-9322329296.Tel-022-56168874.

ii)Mr Girish G. Raje,M Tech Chem IITB73 Ex HOCL Employee & ExCEO Supreme Petro Chemicals Ltd Tel No-(020) 24215956

iii)-Late Mr Anchawale Ex HOCL Employee,Mr P S Bhate Ex HOCL Employee Indore,
Mr Madhavan Ex HOCL Project Employee(1976-80) Late J G Patel Of HOCL

iv)-Mr Mozes of HOCL , Mr K Y Patil HOCL, Mr I A Patel HOCL

v)-Mr Chandrakant Mahadik PWP Leader secretary Rickshaw Union Ris Tel No-91-02192-255555

Late Shri Shridhar Dixit Kaka founder of Janata Vidyalay Mohopada.

Late Shri Baba Kanitkar Navi Posari
Late Shri Dada Sawant Congress Leader sarpanch wasambe Mohopada.

Late Shri Vijay Mundhe SS Leader PRO HOCL Rasayani Po-Mohopada Pin-410222India

Late Shri Nana Karawale Shivsena Leader Sarpanch Wasambe.
Late shri Parshuramji Patil Navi Posari

Mr Ware Sir Principal JuniorCollege ArtScience Janata Vidyalay Mohopada Rasayani Raigad 410222.

  Mr Mahindrakar IT Engineer MSCIT Classes Rasayani Area  Raigad 410222.

  Mr Bagade Umesh Medicine Shop Navi Posari Rasayani Raigad 410222.


Special Appeal to all RASAYANI Area political leaders,residents,students,HOCL HIL MIDC employees.
Your help contributions is most welcome.Request MLA's approval certificates on their letter heads
& Raise the issue in state assembly in public interest.Request help for availing"BrainMemoryMapping"
facilty of Forensic Science Lab on payment basis.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------

8.Tribute From Thatte Consulting Engineers


Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaja Godfather for Peshawas-1713-1818

Both Founders Of The Maratha/Peshawa Empire



Date Of Birth : 18 August 1700 Sunday Bhadrapada 15 Shake 1622
Date Of Death : 28 April 1740 Monday Vaishakh 13 Shake 1662

Appraised By Field Marshal Montgomery In His Book " A Concise History Of Warfare " Page 132 in Edition of Year 1972





www.thatte.net या ब्लॉग वेबसाईट वर वरील सर्व माहीती सम्पूर्ण तपशीलात इग्लिश व काही भाग मराठीत दिला आहे
www.thatte.net  is related to Mr Thattes Brain as Quantum Broadcaster feeds Information 
thr Brain2brains entangle

श्री रमेश पांडुरंग थत्ते यांचे ब्रेंनचे माहीती प्रक्षेपण &SIXTH SENSE

   सिक्थ सेंन्स हा  प्रकार आणी शब्द मोठ्या प्रमाणात समाजाच्या सर्व थरात माहीत आहे.                      
परमेश्वरअद्वितीय क्षमतेची माणसे,संतविभूती त्यांच्या मेंदूमार्फत माहीतीचे प्रक्षेपण त्यांचे "भक्त शिष्यखास व्यक्ती "यांच्या मेंदूमद्ध्ये करत असावेत.                       
सामान्य तर्कशास्त्रानुसार सिक्थ सेंस प्रक्षेपक व सिक्थ सेंन्स ग्राहक  या दोघांचे अस्तित्व असणे आवश्यक आहे 
  1965 पासून युनायटेड स्टेस्टस ऑफ अमेरिका मद्ध्ये "ब्रेन ते ब्रेंन्स माहीतीचे प्रक्षेपण "या विषयावर मेडिकल शाखेत 1965 पासून                                                                                                     
आणी फिजिक्स या शाखेत 1982 पासून मोठ्या प्रमाणावर संशोधनाला चालना मिळाली.                                                                                                                                                                          
क्वॉनटम  फिजिक्स शास्त्राप्रमाणे "ब्रेन ते ब्रेंन्स  क्वॉन्टम एंट्यंगल्मेंट" क्षमतेने माहीतीचे प्रक्षेपण होते.
ह्याला या प्रकरणातील क़्वांटम फिजिक्स शास्रातील प्रगतीचा पहिला मैलाचा दगड मानतात.
 अमेरीकन न्युरॉलॉजीस्टसनी 1965 पासून ईलेक्ट्रोफिजीयॉलॉजी टेस्ट्स चा वापर ब्रेन ते ब्रेंन्स माहीतेचे प्रक्षेपण” मान्यतेसाठी केला.                                                                                                    
ब्रेन ते ब्रेन्स कम्युनिकेशनचे अस्तित्व काही प्रमाणात एकसारख्या असणार्या जूळ्या भावंडात असते.हे अमेरिकन ऑफ्ताल्मोलॉजीस्ट्स                                   

(DuaneTD an Ophthalmologist )यानी 1965 साली प्रयोगाने सिद्धकेले व त्यासम्बंधीचा शोध निबंध प्रसिद्ध केला.                                                                                                                                            

डिस्टंट हीलींग  ब्रेन क्षमता हा प्रकार सुद्धा ब्रेन ते ब्रेन्स प्रक्षेपण अथवा हीलींग प्रकारचा आहे.
अमेरिकन न्युरॉलॉजीस्ट्सनी 1978-1788 या दहा वर्षात व्हीईपी टेस्ट्स अनेक व्यक्तीवर ब्रेन ते ब्रेंस माहीती प्रक्षेपणमान्यतेसाठी केला.                                       
त्या तीन शास्रज्ञाची नावे-- Grinberg-Zylberbaum,  M. Delaflor1, L. Attie1,                                                                    
वरील तीन शास्रज्ञ आणी भारतीय वंशाचे फिजिक्स शास्रज्ञ डॉक्टर अमीत गोस्वामी यानी एक एकत्रीत शोध निबंध 1994 साली प्रसिद्ध केला.                                
त्यामुळे ब्रेन ते ब्रेंन्स माहीती प्रक्षेपण प्रकाराला न्युरॉलॉजीस्ट्स व क़्वांटम फिजिक्स शास्रज्ञाची एकत्रित समती झाली.

फंक्शनल एम आर आय पद्धतीने 2004 पासून ब्रेन ते ब्रेन्स कम्युनिकेशन क्षमतेची मांन्यता देणे शक्य झाले
एक सावधानतेचा ईशारामाणसांच्या ब्रेन मध्ये पाहून ऐकून शिरलेल्या साठलेल्या माहीतीची तपासणी मेडिकल सायंन्स करू शकत नाही                                     
म्हणून मेडिकल व्यावसायीकांना टाळा.फिजिक्स म्याथ्स एंजीनीयरींग व्यावसाईकांचा सम्बंध पैसे कमवण्याशी नाही.

www.thatte.net या ब्लॉग वेबसाईट वर वरील सर्व माहीती सम्पूर्ण तपशीलात इग्लिश व काही भाग मराठीत दिला आहे
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  श्री रमेश पांडुरंग थत्ते यांचे ब्रेंन2अनेकांचेब्रेंन्स माहीती प्रक्षेपण  www.thatte.net  वर सम्पुर्ण माहिती.

श्री थत्ते यांचा ब्रेन (जानेवारी 1965 पासून एक मानवी क्वांटम ब्रॉडकास्टरहा सतत 24 x 365 अनेक मानवी ब्रेन्समध्ये माहिती पाठवतो आणी                                 

हे एक बॉडी फंक्शन सतत ऑन असते(रक्तप्रवाह रक्तशुद्धी श्वसन अन्नपचन मनातले विचार वगैरे सारखे) ब्रेन2ब्रेन्स माहीतेचे प्रक्षेपण हे    
आवाज व प्रकाशाचे प्रक्षेपणा सारखे नैसर्गिक म्हणजेच यंत्र वा साधना शिवाय होते.
हे प्रक्षेपण सर्व माणसांच्या कॉमन युनिव्हर्सल भाषेतून होत असते                                  

   स्केमॅटिक प्रेझेंटेशन आणी थोडक्यात माहीती स्पष्टीकरण
श्री थत्ते यानी पाहिलेले ऐकलेले->-[श्री थत्तेंच्या ब्रेंनचे ठिकाण अ]->श्री थत्तेचे पाहणे ऐकणे बोलणे विचार करणे हवेतून जाते->--                                                                        

[अनेक व्यक्तीचे ब्रेन्समधील मेलबॉक्सेसचे ठिकाणे 1,ब2,-ब अनेक] --  ह्या सायलंट कम्युनिकेशमुळे कोणाला त्रास होत नाही.                                                                          

श्री थत्ते यांचे पासून पाच मीटर अंतरापर्यंत असलेल्या अनेक व्यक्तींच्या ब्रेन्समधील मेलबॉक्सेस श्री थत्तेंच्या ब्रेन ट्रिगर पल्सेस किवा ब्रेन एंटॅनगलमुळे ऊघडतात.

त्याचे साम्य इंटरनेट सेवा पुरवणार्याच्या ई मेल बॉक्सेस मधील मेसेजेस कॉम्प्युटरच्या स्क्रीनवर दाखवण्यासाठी आयडी व पास वर्ड वापरावा लागतो.

री थत्ते यांची आयडेंटिटी व अस्तित्व त्यांच्या ब्रेन कम्युनिकेशन मुळे जगातील कोणत्याही ठिकाणी त्यांच्या पासून पाच मीटर परीसरातील व्यक्तीना जाणवते.

त्यामुळे ते जगात कोठेही लपू शकत नाही.अनेक व्यक्तीनी श्री थत्ते यांच्या वर शब्दानी केलेल्या कमेंट्स हा क्रायटेरिया ब्रेन टू ब्रेन्स कम्युनिकेशन सिद्धतेसाठी योग्य आहे.

श्री थत्ते यांच्या ब्रेनमध्ये छोटा लाऊडस्पीकर बसवल्यासारखे काही माणसाना वाटते ही एक अतिशय साधी व सरळ मान्यता टेस्ट आहे.

ब्रेन2ब्रेनस कम्युनिकेशन हे सर्व मानवांच्या कॉमन यूनिवर्सल भाषेतून होते व हे प्राण्याच्या युनिवर्सल भाषेसारखे दिसते.

श्री थत्ते हे 10 वर्ष वयाच्या मुलांशी फक्त मराठी भाषेतून त्याना समजेल अशा विषयावर बोलतात वरील विषय सोपे व फक्त

ईंग्रजी आणी ईतर भाषा जाणणार्या लोकाना पण समजतील असे असतात.श्री थत्ते यांचा हा अनुभव भारतात व परदेशात आहे.

ही एक सोपी तपासणी ब्रेन2ब्रेनस कम्युनिकेशन हे कॉमन युनिवेर्सल भाषेतून होते यासाठी उपयुक्त आहे

 निसर्गात निर्माण झालेला कोणताही प्रकार हा "आयझ्याक न्युटनच्याकाळासारख्या थेअरी व  प्रयोग पद्धतींनी ,वास्तववादी द्रुष्टीकोनातून प्रामाणिक पद्धतीनेप्रयोगाने

स्वत:चा अनुभवाने व अक्कलेने,पोलीसखात्याच्या व वकीलांच्या गुन्हा घडण्याच्या तपासण्याच्या सर्व पद्धतीप्रमाणेसिद्ध करणे आवश्यक आहे.

कुडमुडे अर्ध्या हळकुडाने पिवळे झालेले निव्वळ थेअरीवर आधारीत मते देणारे शास्त्रज्ञ प्राद्ध्यापक,पुरोगामी हे पुष्कळदा अजाणतेने लोकांची दिशाभुल करण्यास कारणीभूत होतात.

राजकीय नेत्यापैकी बुद्धीमानवास्तववादी पुरेशी साधनसुचीता पाळणारे  या प्रकाराला मान्यता देण्यासठी उपयोगी ठरतात.

श्री थत्ते यांचे ब्रेन2ब्रेन्स प्रक्षेपणाला मान्यता हे म्युखत: ब्रेन अनुभवावर ठरते थेअरीवर कमी

 जानेवारी 1965 च्या काळातील मान्यतेचे प्रकार व प्रयत्न श्री थत्ते या काळात पुण्याच्या कॉलेज ऑफ़ ईंजीयरींग मध्ये एलेक्ट्रिकल खात्यात असिस्टंट लेक्चरर होते.

त्यांच्या सहकार्याना हा माहितीचे प्रक्षेपण प्रकार जाणवत होता.श्री थत्ते यांचे व्यक्तीमत्व श्री अब्राहम लिंकन यांचे सारखे असले तरी ते कॉलेजमध्ये प्रसिद्ध होते.

श्री थत्ते यांच्या विनंतीमुळे सह्कारी त्यांच्या खासगी गोष्टी वरीष्ठावरील टीका आक्षेपार्ह वक्त्यवे वगैरे श्री थत्ते जवळ्पास असताना टाळू लागले.

श्री थत्ते यानी त्यांच्या खांद्यावर बंदूक ठेवून फायर न करण्याचीही विनंती केली.सर्व सहकारी एलेक्ट्रिकल पदवीधर् असल्याने हा प्रक्षेपणाचा प्रकार त्यांच्या पचनी पडला.

निसर्गाचे श्रेष्ठत्व त्याना पटल्यामुळे श्री थत्ते याना प्रामाणीक सहकार्यांचे सहानुभूती पूर्वक समर्थन मिळाले.

त्यानी त्या  वेळी केलेला एक विनोद खालील प्रमाणे गरीब बिचारा थत्ते नोकरीत वरकमाई कशी करणार बाकीचे आपले खिसे भरणार पण थत्तेंचा खिसा रिकामा”.

श्री थत्ते ऑगस्ट 1965-67 मध्ये आय आय टी मुम्बईत एम टेक करत होते.त्यावेळीही ते आय आय टी कॅम्पस मध्ये त्यांच्या बेन प्रक्षेपणामुळे मोठ्या प्रमाणात ख्यातनाम होते.                  

 थत्ते भारतीय वायुसेनेत पायलट ऑफिसर टेक सिग्नल शाखेत ऑक्टोबर 1967 मद्ध्ये ट्रेनिंग साठी बंगलोर येथे रुजू झाले.

 थत्ते मार्च 1969 मद्ध्ये ट्रेनिंग पूर्ण झाल्यावर मेंटली व फिजीकली फीट ऑफिसर म्हणून जम्मुला हजर झाले.

श्री थत्ते यांचे ब्रेंनचे माहीतीचे प्रक्षेपण हे न सांगीतल्यामुळे त्यांच्या फीट्नेसला अडथळा ठरले नाही.

त्यानंतर ते बडोदा ठाणे जुहू एरोड्रोम येथे क्षेपणास्त्र युनिट्मध्ये काम केले.श्री थत्ते यांच्या वायुसेनेतील सर्वीसचा पुरावा खालील सर्टीफिकेट वरून कळेल.

2. युनायटेड स्टेस्टस ऑफ अमेरिका मद्ध्ये "ब्रेन2ब्रेंन कम्मुनिकेशन"या विषयावर 1965 पासून झालेले संशोधन                                    

1965 पासून युनायटेड स्टेस्टस ऑफ अमेरिका मद्ध्ये "ब्रेन ते ब्रेंन्स माहीतीचे प्रक्षेपण "या विषयावर मेडिकल शाखेत 1965 पासून 
आणी फिजिक्स या शाखेत 1982 पासून मोठ्या प्रमाणावर संशोधनाला चालना मिळाली. फिजीशियंन्स व फिजीक्स शास्रज्ञ अमित गोस्वामी 
यानी एक संशोधनपर लेख 1994 मधे प्रसिद्ध केला.
   ब्रेन टू ब्रेन्स माहीतीच्या प्रक्षेपणा सम्बंधातील 2002 पासूनचे एक ई जर्नल www.neuroquantology.com 
   न्युरालॉजी व क्वांटम फिजीक्स इंटर डिसिप्लिनरी जर्नल                                                           
http://www.thatte.net/NQ2012EditorNeuroQuantologyJournalTenYears.pdf या जर्नलची दहा वर्षे.        
2.1-- अमेरिकन न्युरोफिजीशीयन्सनी 1965 पासून संशोधनाने(VEP fMRI BOLD)आधारीत ब्रेन2ब्रेन्स प्रक्षेपण क्षमता सिद्धतेच्या योग्य आणी उपयोगी पद्ध्ती प्रमाणीत केल्या.

वरील पद्धतींची  माहीती भारतीय न्युरोलॉजीस्ट्नी 1965 ते 2015 या काळात भारतीयाना दिली नाही.

श्री थत्ते यानी त्यांच्या गरजेपोटी 2000-ते-2012 या काळात गूगल सर्च द्वारे अमेरिकन न्युरोफिजीशियन्सच्या तीन प्रकारच्या अप्प्रोवल टेस्ट प्रोसीजरची माहीती मिळवली.

ब्रेन टू ब्रेन्स माहीतीच्या प्रक्षेपणा सम्बंधातील 2002 पासूनचे एक ई जर्नल www.neuroquantology.com   हे न्युरालॉजी व क्वांटम फिजीक्स इंटर डिसिप्लिनरी जर्नल म्हणून प्रसिद्ध आहे.

पण भारतीय न्युरालॉगिस्ट्स या वरून काहीही मान्य करीत नाहीत.माझी भारतीय वाचकाना विशेषता फिजिक्क्स म्याथ्स एंजीनीयर व्यावसायीकाना एक विनंती आहे

त्यानी भारतीय न्युरोफिजीशियन्स वर अमेरिकन अप्रोवल टेस्ट प्रोसीजरला मान्यता देण्यासाठी अत्याधीक आग्रह धरावा

या सिद्धतेच्या प्रकाराना मान्यता देण्याची श्री थत्ते यांची 2014 मधील विनतीला उत्तर दिले नाही.

त्यामुळे श्री थत्ते यांच्या ब्रेन टू ब्रेन्स कम्युनिकेशनला मान्यतेला 45-ते 50 वर्षे विलम्ब झाला.                                                                                                             

2.1.1-सावधानतेचा ईशारा— भारतीय मेडिकल प्रॅक्टिशनर पासून सावध रहा. -- फिजिक्स म्याथ्स एंजीनीयरींग व्यावसाईकांचा सल्ला ब्रेन2ब्रेनस कम्युनिकेशन प्रकारात घ्यावा. 
 हे मुख्यता फिजिक्स म्याथ्स एंजिनीयर यांचे शास्त्र आहे कारण या व्यावसायीकांचा सम्बंध पैसे कमवण्याशी नाही .

मेडिकल व्यावसायीकांना टाळा. मेडिकल व्यावसायीकांचा सम्बंध पैसे कमावण्याशी आहे.त्यांच्या आर्थीक हितसम्बंधाना धक्का लागेल असे कोणतेही संशोधन ते हाणून पाडतात.

मेडिकल व्यावसायीकानी फक्त त्यांच्या ब्रेन मधे श्री थत्ते यांच्या ब्रेन मधून आलेल्या माहीती विषयी बोलावे.

माणसांच्या ब्रेन मध्ये पाहून ऐकून शिरलेल्या साठलेल्या माहीतीची तपासणी मेडिकल सायंन्स करू शकत नाही.       

माणसांच्या डोक्यात आवाज व प्रकाश मार्गे साठलेल्या माहीतीची तपासणी करण्याची क्षमता असलेली साधने अजून निर्माण झालेली नाहीत

.मेडिकलच्या पदवी तसेच पदव्युत्तर शिक्षणाच्या अभ्यासक्रमात ब्रेन टू ब्रेन्स कम्युनिकेशनची थेअरी शिकवली जात नाही

2.1.2-- ईलेक्ट्रोफिजीयालॉजी टेस्टचा उद्देश एका  व्यक्तीच्या ब्रेनची क्षमता दुसर्या  व्यक्तीच्या ब्रेनमधे (माहीती पाठवण्याची) 
    व्होल्टेज बदल करण्याची आहे हे दाखवण आहे  

 अमेरिकन न्युरोफिजीशीयन्स यानी ब्रेन टू ब्रेन्स कम्युनिकेशन अप्प्रोव करण्यासाठी ईलेक्ट्रोफिजीयालॉजी टेस्ट्स कंडक्ट केल्या
  टेस्ट प्रकार एक-1965 साल—Dr Duane डोळ्याचा डॉक्टरने(1965)त्याचा संशोधनपर लेखप्रसिद्ध केला                                                                            

“ Extrasensory ElectroEncephaloGraphic Induction between Identical Twins” या शीर्षकाने प्रसिद्ध केला.ह्यातील Induction हा शब्द पुष्कळाना परीचीत आहे.                       

ईलेक्ट्रोफिजीयालॉजी टेस्टचा उद्देश एका अ व्यक्तीच्या ब्रेनची क्षमता दुसर्या ब व्यक्तीच्या ब्रेनमधे(माहीती पाठवणे)अल्फाव्हेव व्होल्टेजमधील बदल दाखवणे आहे  



टेस्ट प्रकार दोन-1994- Grinberg- Zylberbaum1, M. Delaflor1, L. Attie1,(1978-88) यानी अनेक क्लिनिकल टेस्ट्स फॅरडे चेम्बर आणी

व्हीईपी मशिन द्वारे ब्रेन टू ब्रेन कम्युनिकेशन पडताळण्यासाठी केल्या.

वरील तीन फिजीशियंन्स व फिजीक्स शास्रज्ञ अमित गोस्वामी यानी एक संशोधनपर लेख 1994 मधे प्रसिद्ध केला                                        

ईलेक्ट्रोफिजीयालॉजी टेस्टचा उद्देश एका  व्यक्तीच्या ब्रेनची क्षमता दुसर्या  व्यक्तीच्या ब्रेनमधे (माहीती पाठवण्याची)व्होल्टेज बदल करण्याची आहे हे दाखवणे आहे.

http://w2.eff.org/Net_culture/Consciousness/the_quantum_brain.article ,   http://www.thatte.net/AAAmitGoswamisViews.docx



टेस्ट प्रकार तीन- BastyrUni  NIH USA यानी fMRI द्वारे 2004-06 मधे ब्रेन टू ब्रेन्स क्लिनिकल ट्रायल्स केल्या

''LightStimulated व्यक्ती A” पासून 20' फुट अंतरावरNonstimulated व्यक्ती B” fMRI मशीनमद्धे स्कॅनसाठी  अशा सेटअपमधे ब्रेन मधील(occipital, temporal,frontal and parietal)

भागातील रक्तातील ऑक्सीजनचे प्रमाणातील बदल तपासणॅची टेस्टकंडक्ट करून ब्रेन टू ब्रेन कम्युनिकेशन सिद्ध केले जाते.

सर्व फंक्शन्सची क्षमता असलेली fMRI facility मुम्बई शहरात फक्त दोनच ठिकाणी अम्बानी हॉस्पिटल अंधेरी आणी सरलक्ष डायग्नोस्टिक परळआहे.

त्यानी light stimulation checker board facility" वापरण्यास परवानगी दिली तरच ही टेस्ट करता येईल

2.1.3 श्री थत्ते यांच्या यांच्या सम्बधातील एलेक्ट्रोफिजीयालॉजी टेस्टस

दोन एलेक्ट्रोफिजीयालॉजी टेस्ट्स कंडक्ट केल्या आहेत.त्यामुळे श्री थत्ते यांच्या ब्रेनची क्षमता दुसरया माणसाच्या ब्रेन मधे वोल्टेज बदल करण्याची आहे हे सिद्ध होते
A.  http://www.thatte.net/AAThattesBrainPhenomenaApprovalTest01dt20July2013.jpg   
फोर्टीस हॉस्पिटल बंगलोर शहर    20 जुलै 2013                   
न्युरोफिजीशीययन ओझा यांचे वाशी मधील क्लिनिक

2.2. अमेरिकेतील क्वांटम एंटॅन्गल्मेंट फिजीक्स  संशोधन                                                                                                                                                             

ब्रेन टू ब्रेन्स आणी मशीन टू मशीन माहीती प्रक्षेपणाचे शास्त्र “क्वांटम एंटॅन्गलमेंट फिजीक्स 


क्वांटम एंटॅनगल्मेंट प्रक्षेपणात फोटान फ्लो वा वेव्ह्ज नसल्याने “ब्रेन टू ब्रेन्स माहीतेचे कम्युनिकेशन हवेतुन होताना पकडून सिद्ध करता येत नाही.                                                 
  M Sc Physics,M Sc Maths 
आणी कम्युनिकेश ईंजीनीयर पदवीधर यांच्या साठी वरील लिंक्स खूपच व पुरेशा उपयोगी आहेत                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
  क्वांटम एंटॅनगलमेंट कम्युनिकेशन थेअरी थोडक्यात- 
फिजीक्स शास्रज्ञ अल्बर्ट आईंनस्टीन,बोरिस पोडोलस्की ,नाथान रोझेन यानी 1935 या वर्षी एक पेपर "EPR Paradox" प्रसिद्ध केला.तो फिजीक्स पदवीधरामधे ख्यातनाम आहे.          

या पेपरात दोन पार्टिकल्स एकमेकाशी सुरवातीला इंटरअ‍ॅक्ट होवून वेगळे झाल्यावर देखील ते एकमेकाशी कनेक्टेड राहतात” यावर चर्चा विचार व्यक्त केले आहेत.

आईनस्टीनने    त्याला    "spooky action at a distance" असे नाव दिले.शास्रज्ञ श्रॉडिंगरने त्याला दिलेले एंटॅनगलमेंट हे नाव प्रचलीत झाले आणी त्यानी अनेक पेपर प्रसिद्ध केले.
फिजीक्स शास्रज्ञ जॉन स बेल यानी 1965 या वर्षी "EPR nonlocality' च्या  experimental tests  साठीचे  थेरॉटिकल ग्राउंडवर्क प्रसिध केले.
फिजीक्स शास्त्रज्ञ अ‍ॅस्पेक्ट व इतरानी 1982 या वर्षी प्रयोग शाळेत क्वांटम एंटॅन्गलमेंट प्रकाराला म्हणजेच "EPR Paradox"  ला अनेक प्रयोगा नंतर मान्यता दिली.
 या नंतर ब्रेन2ब्रेन्स प्रक्षेपण Distant Healing etc.या  प्रकाराना थेरॉटिकल समर्धन मिळणे शक्य झाले.                                                              
लेसर बीम “BBO KDP crystals” मधून पाठवताना काही फोटांन्सचे स्पॉटेनीयस डाउन कंन्व्हर्शनने” पोलराईज्ड एंटॅन्गगल फोटॉन्स बनतात                                   
 फॉटान अ व फोटान ब एंटॅन्गल म्हणजे फोटान अ च्या स्टेट मधे बदल केल्यास फोतान ब च्या स्टेट मधे बदल होतो.म्हणजेच मेसेज पाठवणे आहे
अमेरिका आणी चीन मधील फिजीक्स  शास्त्रज्ञानी 2015 या वर्षापर्यंत मशीन2मशीन एंटॅन्गलमेंट 143 किलोमीटर अंतरा पर्यंत ( प्रुथ्वी ते सॅटेलाईट) यशस्वी केली.              
क्वांटम कम्युनिकेशन याचा वेग थेअरॉटिकली अमर्याद  पण 143 किलो मीटर अंतरासाठी प्रकाशाच्या दहा हजार पट असतो.पण अशी साधने अजून बाजारात उपलब्ध नाहीत. 



मशीन2ब्रेन्स कम्युनिकेशन यंत्र/साधन हे ब्रेन वाशींग साठी अजून वापरात आलेले नाही.

2. 3 The Spontaneous Teleportation of Biological Systems – 
 श्री थत्ते यांच्या ब्रेनची माहीतीचे प्रक्षेपण करण्याची क्षमता 01 जानेवारी 1965 पासून अचानक सुरू झाली.त्याची कारणे मात्र सांगता येत नाही.
मी त्यावेळी सदाशिव पेठ पुणे 411030 नागनाथ (पिम्पळ)पाराच्या उत्तर पूर्व कॉर्नरला असलेल्या श्री जोगळेकर यांच्या घरात रहात होतो.
माझे ऐकणे पाहणे वाचणे बोलणे विचार करणे खासगी गोष्टी लोकापर्यत पोहोचायला लागले.बोलघेवड्या व्यक्तींनी माझ्यावर केलेल्या कमेन्ट्स मुळे मला 
फीड्बॅक मिळु लागला मी मुम्बई सांगली कोल्हपुर सारख्या नवीन ठिकाणी गेलो तरी आजुबाजुच्या लोकामद्धे ओळखला जावू लागलो 
मी 25 जुलै 1965 नंतर IIT Bombay M Tech साठी गेलो


3श्री थत्ते यांच्या ब्रेन टू ब्रेन्स क्वांटम ब्रॉडकास्टरच्या सम्बंधी वर्तमानपत्रात प्रसीद्ध झालेल्या लेखांची माहीत                                                     

     श्री थत्ते यांच्या ब्रेन2ब्रेनस प्रक्षेपण या विषयावर आज पर्यंत तीन लेख प्रसिद्ध झाले आहेत.
   3.1.1   कै श्री पुरुषोत्तम र बेहेरे सम्पादक यानी नवशक्ती या व्रुत्तपत्रात रविवार नोवेम्बर 1978 मध्ये लोलकया सदरात थत्ते                            

        विचार प्रक्षेपण यंत्र"या शिर्षकाखाली प्रसिद्ध केला.

3.1. 2     कै श्री प्रमोद नवलकर शिवसेना आमदार यानी मार्मिक या साप्ताहिकात रवीवार एक एप्रिल 1979 दिवशी

                "आठवड्याच्या आठवणी विचार लहरी"या शिर्षकाखाली प्रसिद्ध केला.


                    वरील दोन्ही सम्पादकानी श्री थत्ते यानी लिहिलेल्या मजकूराच्या पत्रकाआधारे(श्री थत्ते यांच्या

         तीस मित्रांच्या सह्या असलेल्या)वरील दोन लेख प्रसिद्ध केले                 

3.1. 3  -- श्री थत्ते यानी रासायनी टाईम्स या साप्ताहिकात 20 मार्च 2016 या दिवशी एक लेख लिहिला


3.2.1  कै श्री T A Swaminathan B Tech(Chem),Ex CMD of HOCL यानी 1975-77 या वर्षात श्री थत्ते यांच्या ब्रेन2ब्रेनस प्रक्षेपण 
       क्षमतेचा पाठपूरावा केला.त्यांची ईच्छा या प्रकारावर CISRमार्फत संशोधन केले जावे अशी होती.श्री थत्ते यांचे  HOCLमधील ईंजिनीयर मित्र श्री भाटे,श्री राजे,
       कै.श्री आंचवले,श्री शेंडे,श्री भदानी,श्री माधवनश्री पटेल,कै श्री पटेलश्री पाटील,आणखी पंचवीस एंजीनीयर मित्र  यानी  श्री थत्ते यांच्या ईंग्रजी  पत्रकावर सह्या केल्या.
       त्यानंतर मी माझे पत्रकाच्या झीरॉक्स प्रती  निरनिराळ्या सम्पादकाकडे घेवून गेलो.
                 ईसवी सन 1980-1981 या वर्षात माझे श्री राजे गिरिष ग M Tech,कै श्री आंचवले बी ई मेटॅलर्जी,श्री शेंडे राजेश B Tech,श्री ईंद्रवदन अ पटेल मेकॅनिकल ईंजिनीयर
                    कै श्री पटेल ज ग B E सर्वजण Hoclअधीकारी) यानी मला त्यांच्या सह्यानिशी माझ्या ब्रेन2ब्रेनस प्रक्षेपण प्रकाराला प्रमाणपत्रे दिली. 
          ती सर्व प्रमाणपत्रे मी माझ्या वेब साईट्वर JPG फॉर्मॅट मद्ध्ये आहेत




     4) श्री थत्ते यांच्या ब्रेनची प्रक्षेपण क्षमता सिद्ध करण्याच्या पद्धती-     

          पद्धत नम्बर एक- श्री थत्तेच्या ब्रेनने केलेल्या माहीती प्रक्षेपणाला स्वताच्या ब्रेनला आलेल्या अनुभवावर आधारीत” मान्यता प्रमाणपत्रे हा एक लोक सहभागाचा प्रकार आहे.

    मान्यवर वास्तववादी कम्युनिकेश शास्त्राची तांत्रीक बॅकग्राउंड असलेले ईंगिनीयर वकील पत्रकार राजकीय नेते प्रामाणीक व्यक्तीनी दिलेली प्रमाण पत्रे,

    लिहिलेले व प्रसिद्ध केलेले लेख अपेक्षीत आहेत. 

4. 0.0श्री थत्ते यांच्या ब्रेन2ब्रेनस प्रक्षेपण क्षमतेचा पल्ला(Range)ठरवण्याची पद्धत
("माहीती "म्हणजे श्री थत्ते यांचे आधीच्या काही आठवड्यातील बोलणे,क्रुती,विचार करणे वगैरे)श्री थत्ते यांच्या ब्रेनने माहीतीचे प्रक्षेपण ठिकाण अ म्हणजे मुम्बई येथून केले
ती माहीती अनेक व्यक्तींच्या ब्रेनस मद्ध्ये ठिकाण ब म्हणजे पुणे,बंगलोर,मथुरा  म्हणजे 750 किलो मीटर दूर
श्री थत्ते हे ब ह्या ठिकाणी गेल्यावर आजूबाजूच्या लोकांच्या बोलण्याचा सम्बंध श्री थत्ते यांच्या ठिकाण अ म्हणजे मुम्बईत असताना केलेल्या वक्तव्याशी क्रुतीशी आढळतो
ठिकाण अ आणी ठिकाण ब या मधील अंतर म्हणजे प्रषेपणाचा पल्ला,

.      4.1.0- श्री थत्तेच्या ब्रेन2ब्रेंनस माहीतीच्या प्रक्षेपणाची वास्तववादी प्रयोगानी सिद्धता--
        सर्व सामान्य जनतेला आलेला अनुभव 100% प्रामाणीक पणा अत्यावश्यक-

.    श्री थत्ते यांचे वय्यक्तिक शत्रु ,राजकीय शत्रुमुख्यत्वे आक्रमक मेडिकल व्यावसायीक यांच्यापासून सावधानतेचा ईशारा देत आहे.                                                                                                                                           

         माणसाना पाहून आणी ऐकून जी माहीती मिळते त्याची तपासणी डॉक्टर  करू शकत नाहीत.                                                                                                                                                                     

         या कारणास्तव व्यावसायीक डॉक्टरांचे म्हणणे टाळावे.ईंजीनीयरांचे म्हणणे ऐकावे कारण त्याना  पैसे कमवायचे नसतात

4.1.1-श्री थत्तेंच्या ब्रेन2ब्रेनस सायलेंट प्रक्षेपणाचे ऑफिसेस लायब्ररी मधील  व्यक्तीना आलेले अनुभव
एका  XYZ  व्यक्तीचा ब्रेन खालील दोन पद्धतीने त्याच्या डोक्यात शिरलेल्या माहीती मधील फरक सहजासहजी समजू शकणार नाही
-श्री थत्ते यांच्या ब्रेनने प्रक्षेपणाने श्री XYZ  व्यक्तीच्या  डोक्यात शिरलेली माहीती   आणी   श्री XYZ  व्यक्तीच्या मनामद्ध्ये त्याच्या विचार करण्यामुळे आलेली माहीती.
            Mr XYZ 
वरील दोन प्रकारातील फरक फक्त त्यावेळी समजू शकेल जर श्री थत्तेनी स्वताच्या ब्रेनने जाणीवपूर्व खोटी माहीती प्रक्षेपीत करण्याचा प्रयत्न खालील प्रमाणे केला तरच 
श्री थत्ते हे एकाच मुद्द्यावर दोन तीन वेळाहून जास्त वेळा विचार करू शकत नाहीत.अचपळ मन माझे नाव्ररे सर्व वेळा)
श्री थत्ते आणी Mr XYZ हे दोघे लायब्ररी-मद्ध्ये समोरा समोर बसलेले आहेत .श्री थत्ते सातत्याने खालील प्रमाणे खोटा विचार करण्याचा प्रयत्न करतात.

                    1-Mr XYZ सद्ध्या वेड्याच्या ईस्पीतळात आहेत.

            1-Mr XYZ  हा 120 वर्षाचा म्हातारा आहे 

          1Mr XYZ तीन वर्षापूर्वीच  म्रुत झाला  

         1-Mr XYZ  हा नासाच्या स्पेस शटल मधून प्रवास करत आहे  

                  1-Mr XYZ  अरबी समुद्रात पोहत आहे 

         1--Mr XYZ  हा फूटबॉल खेळत आह 

          1-Mr XYZ हा जाहीर सभेत भाषण देत आहे
              Mr XYZ 
हा स्वताविषयी असा विचार करू शकत नाही आणी त्यामुळे वरील माहीती शी थत्ते यांच्या ब्रेनने जाणीवपुर्वक पाठवली आहे असे मान्य करू शकतो                    

           4 .1.2-श्री थत्ते यांच्या ब्रेन2ब्रेंनस माहीती प्रक्षेपण क्षमतेची तपासणी करणारे परीक्षक मंडळ---- 
परीक्षण मंडळ हे श्री थत्ते यांचे सह नवीन व गर्दी असलेल्या ठिकाणी उदा.रस्ते,मॉल्स,रेल्वे स्टेशनस,बसस्टेशंनस,चित्रपट्ग्रुहे,जत्रेची ठिकाणे जातात.
श्री थत्ते यांचे सायलेंट अस्तित्व हे त्यांच्या ब्रेन2ब्रेनस प्रक्षेपणामुळे आजुबाजुच्या व्यक्तीना जाणवते.

             त्या व्यक्तीनी त्यांच्याविषयी केलेल्या वक्तव्यामुळे ते परीक्षक  मंडळ आणी श्री थत्ते याना समजते.

             त्या जन समूहाने श्री थत्ते यांच्या गेल्या काही दिवसातील वक्तव्ये घटना यावर दिलेल्या प्रतिक्रिया परीक्षण मंडळ नमूद करते.त्यामुळे                  

              श्री थत्ते यांच्या प्रक्षेपणाच्या पल्ल्याचा हिशोब देखील समजतो.
         4 .1.3-परीक्षक मंडळाने "श्री थत्ते बाहेरगावी जाऊन परत आल्यावर् "त्या काळात केलेल्या भेटीगाठी वक्तव्ये खरेदी विक्री यांचा पडताळा

                        श्री थत्ते एकटेच रसायनीबाहेर  मुम्बई,पनवेल,डोम्बिवली,पुणे  वगैरे ठिकाणी   बैठका,भेटीगाठी,बोलणी,वक्तव्ये,चर्चा,खरेदी करतात.

          त्या सर्व घटणांची माहीती ब्रन2ब्रैनस प्रक्षेपणामुळे रासायनीतील लोकांच्या ब्रेनसमद्ध्ये जाऊन साठते.

        श्री थत्ते रासायनीत परतल्यानंतर परीक्षण मंडळ,अनेक नागरीक,व्यक्तीना वरील घटणांची जाणीव होऊ लागते.

        4 .1.4--श्री थत्ते यानी बंद खोलीत केलेली बोलणी तसेच गजबजलेले रस्ते सार्वजनीक जागी ,मॉलमद्ध्ये केलेली वक्तव्ये भाषणबाजी                                                

             अ‍.-श्री थत्ते यानी बंद खोलीत Mr XYZ यांचेशी जुन्या काळातल्या काही घटणावर चर्चा केली.त्यानंतर ते दोघे एकत्र गजबजलेल्या रस्ते ठिकाणे फिरले.

         त्यावेळी आजुबाजूच्या बोलघेवड्या  व्यकीनी सहजपणे "श्री थत्ते व Mr XYZ यांच्यातील चर्चेच्या विषयावर"भरपूर कमेंट्स केल्या.

        त्या ऐकून Mr XYZ नी श्री थत्ते यांच्या ब्रेन2ब्रैनस प्रक्षेपणाला मान्यता दिली.     

                  .-श्री थत्ते हे Mr XYZ  ना भेटतात.त्यानंतर श्री थत्ते त्यांच्या 10-12 कामासाठी 15-20 मिनिटासाठी बाहेर जाऊन परत Mr XYZ ना भेटतात.

                   Mr XYZ हे काही प्रमाणात श्री थत्ते यानी बाहेर जावून  केलेल्या कामाविषयी सांगू शकतात.        


                क.-श्री थत्ते हे Mr XYZ याना भेटतात.श्री थत्ते यानी येण्यापूर्वीच्या काही तास दिवसातील केलेली वक्त्यव्ये घटणा सम्बद्धी Mr XYZ हे सहजपणे सांगू शकतात.

        4 .1.5श्री थत्ते यांचे सार्वत्रीक निवडणुकांच्या काळातील वक्तव्ये भाषणे टीका वगैरे
श्री थत्ते वरील काळात जराही भाग घेत नाहीत.माझ्या विरोधात माझ्या मित्रानी ,मित्र पक्षानी माझ्या प्रक्षेपण क्षमतेविषयी निवडणुक अधिकार्यांकडे तक्रार                 

       नोंदविली तर ते माझ्या ब्रेन2ब्रेनस प्रक्षेपण क्षमतेला मान्यता देण्यासारखेच आहे.मतदानाच्या अगोदरच्या 48 तासात जाहीर सभाना बंदी असते.

     4 .1.6-श्री थत्ते यांच्या ब्रेन2ब्रेनस प्रक्षेपणाला बहीरे आणी मूके व्यक्तींचा प्रतीसाद
श्री थत्ते यांचे पासून 4-5 फूट अंतरावार पडद्यामागे काही बहीरे व मूके व्यक्ती बसतात.त्यामूळे त्याना श्री थत्तेंच्या ओठांच्या हालचाली दिसू शकत नाहीत.
श्री थत्ते तीन चार मिनिटे अगदी सोप्या भाषेत सोप्या गोष्टी त्याना सांगतात.त्यावेळी वा त्यानंतर बहीरे व मूके त्याना जे समजले ते कागदावर लिहितात.
ह्या पद्धतीने श्री यांच्या ब्रेन2ब्रेनस प्रक्षेपण क्षमतेला मान्यता मिळते.

   4.1.7--मुम्बई पुणे शहरातील काही संस्था संघटणा श्री थत्ते यांच्या ब्रेन2ब्रेनस प्रक्षेपणाला मान्यता देवू शकतात 
       व्रुत्तपत्रांचे बातमीदार,शोधपत्रकार,पोलीसखत्याचे खबरे,खाजगी डिटेक्टीव,समाज्सेवक,राजकीय नेतेव्रुत्तपत्रात शास्त्रीय विषयावर लेखन करणारे

             CID,CBI,Central Intelligent agency, KGB,MOSAD,FBIof USA etc हे उपयोगी ठरू शकतात

 Approval Format/Certificate to The Brain Phenomena of Mr Ramesh P Thatte whom so ever it may concern


1.0 Approvers Name&Address —


I Mr know Mr Ramesh P Thatte for years


Mr Rameh P Thattes Id http://www.thatte.net/AAThattesUidai578338730149410222.pdf BE M Tech Elect68 IIT

Bombay Snehsadan Nishigandh CHS Near HIL Colony Rasayani Area Po-Mohopada Tal-Khalapur Dist-Raigad

Maharashtra India 410222 personally for the last years.I have read www.thatte.net updated on 22july2018.

http://thattesquantumbrainaninfobroadcaster.blogspot.in.This webpage is a copy of www.thatte.net only

This explains MrThattesBrain2PublicBrainsQuantumCommunicationBroadcasterWefJan1965.I AM APPROVING


APPROVAL is based upon every Individual's OWN Brain's Experience only & can't be recorded by Devices.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_entanglement QuantumEntanglement Physics Theory

Sixth Sense term w/o devices is widely known among a large number of people


2.0-Practical Methods of approval - PublicExperienceResponseComments etc


Mr Thatte have adopted initialy only Practical Methods Public Rresponse expressed in words at public places

to Past Events about Mr Thatte like work,eating,talking,reading,hearing etc even while in home"was taken as

approval test ” http://www.thatte.net/AAThattesBrainPhenomenaApprovalPublicExperienceResponse.html

Isaac Newton have adopted "Combined practical experimental theoratical approach for light,sound,Sun&Planet

system & gravity"investigation.People of those days were familiar with above natural phenomenas.

Honourable Sir Issac Newton(BY1642) would have very easily approved Mr ThattesBrain's(BY1942)Communication

Broadcasting phenomena based upon following simple practical methods of verifications


3.1 -Schematic Presentation of Phenomena--Mr Thatte'sBrain as InfoTransmitter & Body functions like Brain


Activities,Respiration,Digestion Blood Circulation Secretions are continuous for Lifelong ie without ON/OFF

facility.Mr Thatte 'gets always noticed, can not hide'among surrounding persons

|< -Thatte 's Brain Exclusively-> - I -< --Open to public,communication Engrs/scientists -->|

|< - Perso nal/Body Function> -> -- | --< - Politicians,IAS/IPS Officers,Media Persons etc --> -- |

I Public query NOT Allowed -> - I

-Seen thr eyes -> -> -> - [ --City A --] -> -> -> -> - Information Goes Thr Air-> -> ->[ ---City B ---] --

----- Light-> ----- [Thattes Brain -] -> -> -> -> -Seen Heard by Mr Thatte -> -> -> ---[ -- Brains of-]

Heard thr ear-- [OR Man Made -] -> -> -> -> -Ta lked Thought by Thatte -> -> -> -- ----[ - People as --]

-- ---Sound ---- [ - Broadcaster---] -> --Thatte'sBrainToBrainsEntan glement-> - [Mail Boxes]

The Mail boxes inside human brains get opened(Due to trigger pulses OR Entanglement from Thattes Brain)when

Mr Thatte is within six mtrs distance.SIMILAR TO The e mails are stored in e mail boxes of ISPs and are

on computer screen thr the use of ID and password.Mr Thatte's Presence(Like Kasturimrug) is thus felt among

surrounding PEOPLE at ALL places everywhere in world This is SIMPLE Practic al Approval TEST

Range Fixation-Information(Thatte's talks thoughts and actions on certain TOPICS during previous few days,weeks

and months) transmitted by Mr Thattes Brain at place say A Mumbai is retained in the memory part of brains of

human beings at Place B say Pune Bangalore Mathura ie750 kms apart.Mr Thatte goes to place B and gets public verbal                                                                                                         

 response thr comments/talks on "what Mr Thatte did at pl ace" A say Mumbai.The Distance bet

 "Sending And Receiving ends" say A to B fixes the range.Mr Thatte got responded,noted in China USA Bankong

but without reference to events in India.


3.1.1 - USA Neurologists have developed since 1965 onwards Electrophysiology Tests for approval of

BrainToBrains communicationAbility


i) - BrainToBrains communication exists between few identical Twins Ref Duens Paper published in 1965.

http://deanradin.com/evidence/Duane1965.pdf Brain2brains Communication Ability of Identical Twins.

http://www.thatte.net/AAThattesBrainPhenomenaApprovalTest02dt09Aug2013.jpg at Ojhas Clinic Vashi 17

This Test approves Mr Ramesh P Thattes Brain2PublicBrains Communication Ability


ii) http://w2.eff.org/Net_culture/Consciousness/the_quantum_brain.article


VEP based BrainToBrains communication ability tests were carried wef 1978--88 by medical persons -

-J.Grinberg Zyl berbaum1,M. Delaflor1 & Attie1.They alongwith A. Goswami(PhD in Physics) published

Pioneering paper in 1994 "Evidence for Quantum Brain Fluctuations".ie QuantumCommunication

This is a approval of Medical & QuantumPhysicists Professionals for BrainToBrains communication.


iii) - Functional MRI BOLD Methods were applied since 2004 onward for verifying BrainToBrains communication.

Light Stimulated Person A ie Mr Thatte 20' feet away AND Non stimulated Person B inside fMRI for BOLD test


4.0--Publishers and Supporters and Friends


4.01-Thattes Phenomena was publisshed by Late Mr P R Behere as LOLAK in Navashakti SundayEdition Nov1978



4.0.2- Thattes Phenomena was published by Late Mr Pramod Navalkar ShivSena MLA in Marmik April 1979.



4.0.3-Thattes Phenomena was published by Mr Ramesh P Thatte in Rasayani Times 20 th March 2016



4.0.4--Late Mr T A Swaminathan B Tech(Chemical),Ex CMD of HOCL during 1975-77, had strongly

supported Mr Thattes phenomena & wished to refer for CISR Research.

Mr Thatte’s Engineer friends of HOCL Mr Bhate,Mr Raje,Mr Anchawale,Mr Shende,Mr Bhadani,

Mr Madhavan Mr Patels,Mr Patil & several others Approx (Twenty Five Nos)have signed an Appeal for

publishing in above two papers

Mr B P Peshettiwar Union Leader had been very much useful in this respect.


4.05-Approval Certificates—Mr G G Raje M Tech,Late Mr S B Anchawale B E,Mr Rajesh Shende B Tech,

Mr I A Patel,Late Mr J G Patel(all Hocl Employees)had given me total five Nos”Signed Approval Certificates”

for Mr Thattes brain phenomena during years1980-81.



5.0-TeleportationPhysicists are requested i)Approval of the Phenomena ii)Develope means of breaking

Brain2Brains Entanglements for giving relief to Mr Thatte iii)Develope a TeleporterDevice for relief to

Deaf &Blind Persons.


5.0.1-Identification of sub atomic particle quark subquark etc related to” Mr ThattesBrainPhenomena ie

BiologicalTeleportation”may be MOST important for Development of TeleporterDevice.The study by

Neurobiologists&TeleporterPhysicists might be useful in this respect.


Approve the Phenomena Thanks to Approver & Permission to Publish

Sign Sign

M r Mr Ramesh Pandurang Thatte